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Content Marketing Strategy - Know What Customers Want

You hopefully read our six questions to answer when starting to consider your company's content marketing strategy on our main content marketing page. We've found clients typically answer questions one and two fairly well (although understanding who your target market is goes far beyond their demographics), but when it comes to understanding what type of content to create they really look to us for guidance. This is the fun part for our Austin Content Marketing Agency as we get to start researching what exactly it is you will write, create videos, infographics or how to guides about. Research drives everything we do at Neon Ambition and deciding what information your customers or potential customers are looking for is one of the most important steps in creating your content marketing strategy. Creating quality content that either informs, entertains or educates is time consuming so we don’t want to waste time answering questions no one is asking.

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App Search Optimization SEO increase app downloads

Being an Austin SEO Company it's hard to go a few days without meeting someone who's working on a new app or works for a company whose sole business is based on an Iphone and/or Android app. Even my banker told me he's going back to school to learn how to program apps. Coming up with an idea for an app that appeals to the masses is difficult and building it to be slick and easy to use even more so. But the number one challenge app developers I meet tell me they are facing is getting their app found in the Apple App Store and/or Google Play store. They often come to me for SEO services but what they really need is App Search Optimization (ASO) and SEO.

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Neon Ambition: Austin's Most Curious SEO Company

Howdy Texas! We're glad to be here. Why are we here you ask? I've wanted to start my own business for the longest time and I finally found something I'm passionate and good enough at to take the plunge. Neon Ambition, (story behind the name), is the newest Austin SEO company but our experience and superior listening skills are why we are confident we'll succeed in a crowded marketplace.

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