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Enlightened Content Strategies and Buyer Personas

Content shouldn’t mean the first “top 10 ___” idea that pops into our head.


Content strategy is the Who, What, When, Why and How of your entire content marketing program. The initial strategy development involves many steps, but arguably the most critical piece for marketing success are buyer personas — so that is where we spend the most time.

A buyer persona is created by turning the shared features and attributes among groups of people in your target market into a single fictional character. Personas create cohesion in all our content marketing activities and ensure engagement with the visitors, leads and customers you’re trying to reach. Our approach to buyer persona development is both simple and comprehensive:

  • We start with what we have learned in our content audit and keyword research to get a rough understanding of your target market.
  • We then use market research data, surveys and/or interviews to learn who your audience is, what they care about and how they are getting their needs met.
  • We also learn about their buyer’s journey: what goes on in the mind of your audience as they go through each stage of the sales process (awareness, consideration and decision). This includes what they need during each stage and how long the buying process could take.
  • We document our findings by creating fictional characters and stories that allow your entire marketing team and ours to easily understand the audience we are creating content for.
  • Our buyer personas also include the types of online and offline content your audience likes to consume, content categories, social platforms they use, websites they frequent, images and messaging they resonate with, and events or tradeshows they attend.

Using all the information we have collected, we outline the offers needed for all personas during each stage of their buyer journey, the lead nurturing map, supporting blogs, social posts, promotional emails, paid campaigns and offline strategies.

If all that sounds daunting, don’t worry. It’s our goal to complete the entire content strategy within the first month of your engagement so we can start working on educating, entertaining and delighting your site’s visitors!

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But Wait . . . There’s More

Our content strategy can also include:

Digital Governance Framework

We assign roles and responsibilities as well as determine which marketing tools we will use according to your specific needs. Examples could include HubSpot, Marketo, Active Campaign, CallRail, MailChimp or many others.

Production Management

We use an agile approach to make sure content gets assigned to the right people at the right time.

Content Asset Management

We use a cloud-based storage platform to organize all your digital assets for easier retrieval, version control and consistency.

Brand Guidelines

Going beyond colors and fonts, we help determine the voice and the “why” of your brand.