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Display Ads Are Measurable Digital Billboards

Use display advertising to show your ad on over two million websites and in over 650,000 apps — so your ad is wherever your audience is.


Display advertising allows your business to reach a broader audience than search campaigns, which limit you based on the number of searches for your relevant keywords. Google’s Display Network (GDN) reaches 90% of internet users worldwide by allowing your ads to show on millions of websites, news pages, blogs and Google sites like Gmail and YouTube. With specialized options for targeting, keywords, demographics, interests and in-market audiences, we can encourage your potential customers to notice your brand and consider your offerings.

Our designers create beautiful and effective ads to stand out on the web. If you’re doing any offline advertising such as TV, print or outdoor, we can make sure its messaging is reinforced online. We’ll help you measure your ads’ performance and decide which audiences and placements are most receptive.



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Four Ways to Display

It’s not all about banner ads anymore.

Text ads.

Using Display Select, your text ads appear alongside contextually relevant content on Display Network websites.


Show your ads inside of Gmail based on the contents of user emails.

Banner ads.

Using images or rich media, banner ads let you showcase your brand in a creative and interactive way.

In-app ads.

Target specific apps or app categories to get your message in front of your target audience.