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Easton Park from Brookfield Residential case study for Neon Ambition

Grand Opening Leads to Phase 1 Sellout in Record Time

Brookfield Residential is the 5th largest home builder and developer in North America. They currently have 18 thoughtfully designed communities in Texas and counting. Their developments and homes make it easy for buyers to fulfill their dreams at every stage of life.

Brookfield Residential sought to find an experienced media partner who could manage a mirage of details across its different, one-of-a-kind housing communities. Quick turnaround times to pull data analytics and insights were critical for partner success, as well as the ability to update messaging, creative, and media targeting in real-time.

Brookfield hired Neon Ambition in 2013 to manage their Paid Media Services and help with launching a new master-planned community, Easton Park, targeting millennials and first-time home buyers. The media objective was to drive a quality attendance to the grand opening event whom in turn would decide to buy in the short-term.


We had to convince a skeptical, millennial audience that the Easton Park master planned community, located in an unknown area, was the hip new place to live in Austin despite fierce competition from other home developments.

Our Strategy

Our use of social media proved extremely successful for promoting Easton Park’s grand opening event. By identifying Facebook as the ideal channel to target our audience, we focused on optimizing ads toward peak performance which created a very low cost per lead.

Then, in partnership with our client, we supported the multi-touch, follow-up process to guide top-of- the- funnel prospects to bottom-of- the-funnel buyers.


In it’s 4-week run, the digital campaign generated 510 RSVPs and drove over 1,000 people to the grand opening event.

More importantly, the campaign kick-started sales which achieved complete sellout of Easton Park’s Phase 1 of 176 homes.

From the Client:

“Highly recommended! Smart, professional and honest. Jordan and the Neon Ambition team do what they promise and have shown our 28-year-old business positive growth via PPC. I have referred them to several organizations and will continue to do so. Outstanding team to work with!”
John Cronin, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Brookfield Residential

Who Is Neon Ambition?

We are a Google, HubSpot and Bing partnered digital marketing agency with a senior level staff averaging nine years of experience. We help established businesses generate high-quality leads with proven marketing strategies. We strive to develop long-term relationships with established businesses rather than burning through clients like so many other agencies do. Learn more about who we are, connect with us on your favorite social media circuit, or call us at 512-872-3108

Benefits From Using Neon Ambition’s Paid Media Services

  • Drove heavy community excitement and buzz around grand opening
  • Sold 100% of available homes less than six months after the grand opening event

Tripling Conversions, Lowering CPA

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Launches Big Among Tough Audience

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Grand Opening Leads to Sellout

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