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Local Metal Recycling Company Sees 482% Increase in Leads YoY

Gardner Metal Recycling has been a leader in scrap metal recycling in Central Texas for over 60 years. Their physical location in Austin accepts scrap metal and various sized containers for cash, and offers scrap metal pickup options for their commercial clients. They came to Neon Ambition in 2017 looking to improve their presence online and had some ambitious goals for growth.


Incorrect Google Maps Listings

Leads for metal sellers were lagging, and people were having a hard time finding their physical business location. Gardner had been in business for over 60 years and had three different addresses during that time, so when one googled their business name, it was unclear which location was correct. Because this was a physical business location where people needed to go to sell their scrap metal, it was a big problem that their old addresses were showing and leading customers to the wrong locations.

Furthermore, Google uses a business's name, address and phone number (known as NAP) to determine and verify where that business is located. This is super important for local SEO listings, as Google wants to be confident that a business is where it says it is and wants to be able to show searchers businesses near them. If a business has had several different addresses throughout the years, and therefore has several different addresses on the internet, Google will be less confident in its actual location and choose to show the business lower in the search results. It's crucial to delete any old addresses from the web for this reason.

Website Out of Date & Underperforming

Gardner also wanted to improve the conversion rate of their website and make it easier for visitors to find the information they need. Additionally, they wanted the site to encourage visitors to call for a quote or visit their recycling center in person.

Old, Messy AdWords Campaign 

Gardner was investing in Google AdWords, but the campaigns were set up incorrectly and spending money inefficiently. The company was also having a hard time understanding their ROI because they weren't tracking phone calls as conversions.

Our Strategy

Our strategy was three-fold:

  • Local Listings: We tackled the local listings for Gardner's business addresses, eradicating the old address mentions and adding many new local listings with the correct address. This included updating the Google My Business profile as well.
  • Website: The old website was on an ancient CMS, so it felt old, clunky and not secure. It was difficult for users to find their way around the site to get information, and conversions (form fills and calls) were not being tracked in any way. We updated the site to a WordPress CMS, secured it with an SSL certificate, optimized all of the pages to rank for the keywords they were targeting, created a blog for them, and started tracking all of the conversions on the site, including phone calls using a call tracking service.
  • AdWords: The previous AdWords build was spending far too much money on the wrong terms. We cleaned up the keywords, wrote and tested all new ads, and ensured all of the conversions were being tracked so that we could optimize the campaigns toward the terms and ads that were leading to conversions. This conversion tracking also helped Gardner to better understand their ROI.


With our help, Gardner Metal Recycling saw a 435% increase in leads from organic traffic, a 482% increase in PPC conversions and an 88% decrease in cost per lead!

Due to these increases in website and PPC performance, Neon Ambition helped Gardner's business achieve their company goal of a 25% increase in volume. In Andy's words:

"We have been very happy with Neon Ambition; you all are always attentive and clearly know what you are doing. As for some specifics about business, revenue in this business is volatile and dependent on the valuations of the metals, which have been falling as of late. However, volume has increased and we have hit a company goal of 20,000 pounds of non-ferrous metal purchases a day as of last month. That is up from 16,000 per day this time last year! In other words the prices we pay our customers have gone down with the metal prices but our volume has still increased . . . which is a great thing! "
—Andy Johnson, Owner of Gardner Metal


Check out the Gardner Metal Recycling Website Redesign



Working With Us Since: 2017


Benefits From Using Neon Ambition’s Paid Media Services

  • Increased Organic leads 435%
  • Increased PPC leads 482%
  • Decreased cost per lead 88%
  • Increased sales volume 25% YTD

"...volume has increased and we have hit a company goal of 20,000 pounds of non-ferrous metal purchases a day..."

Andy Johnson

Owner, Gardner Metals

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