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Kissing Tree by Brookfield Residential case study from Neon Ambition

Launches Big Among Tough Audience, Sight-Unseen

Brookfield Residential is the 5th largest home builder and developer in North America. They currently have 18 thoughtfully designed communities in Texas and counting. Their developments and homes make it easy for buyers to fulfill their dreams at every stage of life.

Brookfield Residential sought to find an experienced media partner who could manage a mirage of details across its different, one-of-a-kind housing communities. Quick turnaround times to pull data analytics and insights were critical for partner success, as well as the ability to update messaging, creative, and media targeting in real-time.

Brookfield hired Neon Ambition in 2013 to manage their Paid Media Services and help with establishing a never-been- done-before type of housing community for active, 55+ year old adults in San Marcos called Kissing Tree. San Marcos is a smaller town situated between the larger cities of Austin and San Antonio. The town is known for it's heritage, not for it's activities and culture. Kissing Tree embodies the heritage but offers a flurry of activities for people over the age of 55'. This type of housing community had never been done before in the area, especially not for the demographic. 

kissing tree amenities


The media goal was to attract buyer leads prior to the grand opening of this new community. The market was not familiar with the new concept of “active 55+ adult” living, therefore not only did the media strategy need to attract leads for a large, decision-making purchase, it also had to perform educational marcom.

If that wasn’t hard enough, the Austin housing market was already saturated with move-in ready competitor home options. Nevertheless, we were asking people to sign-up for a development that had not broken ground yet and we were unable to confirm all community details.

Our Strategy

Neon Ambition was not only able to strategize and execute a multi- level media strategy that drove community leads, it created a momentum that directly caused Brookfield Residential to open Kissing Tree much earlier than expected.

After intense marketing research and development of a new creative & messaging campaign, Neon Ambition launched an Adwords & Facebook marketing media mix to drive website form- fills. By applying innovative targeting techniques and testing our ads to optimize toward peak performance and low cost per lead, we helped our client engage a challenging audience to meet their lead goals.


In a 7 month period, the campaign far exceeded corporate goals by sending 86,489 website visitors to the brand new website and creating 115,951 social interactions to the new Facebook page.

This garnered over 6,200 digital leads.

The soft opening event had such a high RSVP rate that we stopped accepting RSVPs. Over 300 people attended.

Upon uncovering this wildly interested customer group, the brand decided to break ground earlier than anticipated. Over 1,200 interested prospects came to the grand opening event which led to more than 150 prospects to reserve a future homesite — impressive for a community that did not have a single move-in ready home to sell.

Quote From the Client

“Kissing Tree launched into the market in February 2016 with a simple landing page and a dynamic digital campaign. Thanks to the progressive tactics of Neon Ambition, we were able to garner enough early interest in a few short months that we opened the community sooner than anticipated.”

Tabitha Walsh — Marketing Manager


Benefits From Using Neon Ambition’s Paid Media Services

  • Hit annual lead goal in just over 6 months
  • Retrieved over 6,200 digital leads which led to over 1,200 on-site grand opening event guests
  • Over 150 people requesting to reserve homesites
"Thanks to Neon Ambition, we opened the community sooner than anticipated.”

Tabitha Walsh

Marketing Manager

Tripling Conversions, Lowering CPA

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Launches Big Among Tough Audience

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