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Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas, TX

Neon Ambition is a top-notch Texas-based digital marketing agency that helps you stand out from the competition. We have extensive experience and are trusted by the top companies in Dallas.


They say everything's bigger in Texas, and few things are bigger than Dallas. It has the largest urban arts district in the country, the largest landlocked metropolitan area in the nation, and the largest column-free room — AT&T Stadium.

Dallas is also highly competitive, with one of the fastest-growing GDPs and populations in the world. You need a lot of ambition to make it here, and your digital marketing needs to shine just a bit brighter to stand out from the crowd.

That's why you need Neon Ambition.

Neon Ambition is a digital marketing agency in Dallas based right here in Texas. We know how to talk to your customers and outdo the competition here. Our expertise and experience are trusted by some of the most successful companies in the Dallas area.

If you need a Dallas digital marketing agency, read on to learn more about us. Or start talking to us about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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Neon Ambition — Your SEO Experts in Dallas

If you're looking for a Dallas SEO company, our experience can't be beat. Most of our team average 13 years of experience in their industry, and we hired two SEO professionals from Morgan and Morgan, one of the largest personal injury firms in Dallas and the country. Our head of SEO was Morgan and Morgan's Director of SEO, and we also hired their local SEO head, who was responsible for 96 offices.

Neon Ambition is also unique as an SEO company in Dallas because of our approach. We don't simply offer SEO services to drive more traffic to your site (though we can do that). Our goal is to get you more business, which means we focus on technical SEO, local SEO, backlink building, along with conversions.

We prepare your company and website so that when we drive more traffic to your site, you can turn those leads into paying customers.

If you're looking for an SEO company in Dallas because you want to outrank the competition, contact Neon Ambition. We always say we can outrank anyone in organic search engine results, and our team does the research upfront so we can realistically tell you how much time, effort, and investment it will take to make that happen.

If you're looking for a Dallas SEO company that makes a difference to your business and bottom line, not just your website traffic, contact Neon Ambition. Let's talk.

Your Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas

In addition to SEO services, Neon Ambition also offers the following digital marketing services:

Dallas Copywriting

Our team of copywriters includes award-winning writers with years of experience creating copy in your industry. We carefully match our top copywriters with your campaign so you have the right voice and the right expertise working on your copy. For example, if you need blog posts for your law firm's website, we have a JD on staff who can help.


Neon Ambition can shape words into a compelling message that builds on your brand identity. Before anything goes live, it gets reviewed by a professional editor, and you always get final approval. Don't worry — we make every word count.

PPC Management Services in Dallas

If you're looking for a Dallas PPC company, Neon Ambition can lower your cost per lead on Local Service Ads, display ads, search ads, YouTube Ads, and Google Maps ads while increasing your visibility.

You can be confident our Dallas PPC company can handle your PPC campaign, no matter how complex, because we currently have over $20M in Facebook ads and $35M in Google Ads/Bing ads managed monthly.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 10.57.16 AM-1

We also do what other PPC agencies don't: We make sure you own your Google Ads account. This isn't often the case in the industry, something that our founder has fought to change. It's important that you own your own Google Ads account because it's linked to your business.

Yet many agencies pay Google from your account, meaning they own it, making it harder for clients to make changes or walk away from the agency. That's not something you'll ever need to worry about with us.

Branding in Dallas

Neon Ambition can create or elevate your brand to speak to your potential customers, build trust, and create brand recognition that encourages customers to contact you when they need your products or services.

Neon Locations_Branding_V3

We understand that a brand is many things. It is the tone of voice used in your copy, the images and colors on your website and social media, and your presence online. Most of all, it is about consistency and projecting the same brand image on different platforms.

Our team of copywriters, account managers, designers, and other marketing professionals can help you identify your superpower—what makes you stand out above the rest and what your best customers are likely to respond to. We then amplify those unique selling points consistently across platforms, creating a brand that customers can love and trust.

Dallas Content Marketing

Neon Ambition can tackle complex content marketing campaigns involving blog posts, eBooks, landing pages, white papers, case studies, websites, and more. If it has words, our copywriters and editors can ensure your message shines through.

Neon Locations_CM_V2

We can create educational, inspiring content that connects with your audience so they understand your company, your services, or your products and want to work with you. No matter where your customers are in their buyer's journey, our words encourage them to take the next step.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Your Dallas Business

As we've mentioned, we can get any business to number one on organic search engine rankings and drive even more traffic to your website through ads. But getting leads there is just the first step. To truly get you more business — which is always our goal — you need to convert website visitors into paying customers.


There are a few ways our team at Neon Ambition does that. First, we make sure we're driving the right visitors to your business, so they're already people who want or need what your business offers. We make sure we offer engaging and exciting content that makes visitors want to stay a while and get to know you. We also take care of the technical details, so your website is easy to use, and finding the information a visitor may want is simple.

Neon Ambition runs A/B testing on your landing pages to make sure calls to action are in the right place, and your website builds trust. We create calls to action that encourage customers on their buyer's journey and compel them to act, whether that means picking up the phone to call you or placing an order.

Dallas Social Media Campaigns

Neon Ambition saves you time and helps you use all the current features and opportunities on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. We can create engaging content that stands out on social media and speaks to users. We can also create targeted campaigns that speak to your ideal Dallas leads or prospective customers across the country or worldwide.


Neon Ambition can take care of your social campaigns from end to end. We determine which platforms best reach your ideal customers, create and publish content, and manage your accounts so you're free to focus on serving the additional customers your campaign sends your way.

Dallas Web Design

Our websites focus on branding, messaging, logos, and intuitive design because our goal with websites is to get results. Whether you're redesigning an existing website or creating a new one from the ground up, our designers and writers can create something unique that still aligns with your branding. We help you stand out with a website that's a pleasure for your customers to visit so they feel great about doing business with you.

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Let's talk about how we can customize the right digital marketing campaign for your business.

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Dallas Billboards

Neon Ambition can help you create a modern approach to billboards, one where we use metrics and data to tweak your billboards to make sure you're getting a great ROI and reaching your intended audience. Our team combines design and witty copy to get you seen.



TV Ads in Dallas

Neon Ambition creates CTV/OTT (Connected TV/Over-the-Top TV) ad campaigns offering excellent ROI. If you've been considering traditional TV ads, we encourage you to contact us about CTV/OTT campaigns.


Unlike traditional ads, CTV/OTT options give you more control over the precise timing of when your ads appear. You can reach customers based on their viewing behaviors, demographics, and interests, and you can reach them at the exact moment they are most likely to watch your whole ad. CTV/OTT ads also give you lots of data, so Neon Ambition can tweak your campaign to drive even more business to you.

Marketing Reporting

Ok, we're being just a little sneaky here. This isn't really a separate service, but it's still important, so we wanted to include it. When you work with Neon Ambition on any part of your digital marketing efforts, you automatically get 24/7/365 fully transparent reporting that gives you data about your marketing.

Here's how it works: we pull data directly from the source via API, and once a month, we prepare a marketing report for your Dallas business. We list what we've done, the content we've created for you, the backlinks we've acquired, and most importantly, how much new business we've helped you land. You can quickly see where you stand with everything laid out clearly for you.

SEO in Dallas

If you need digital marketing for your Dallas business, several things make Neon Ambition the right choice for your organization:

  • You won't find our level of experience anywhere else. Our team members average 13 years of experience in their industries. Our agency is a two-time Google Partner All-Star winner, Bing Partner, Google Partner, and HubSpot Gold Certified agency partner. Both UpCity and Clutch have named us as one of the top agencies in the industry. On top of all that, we wanted to brag about our Paid Search & Paid Social for a minute. In addition to being a nice, hard-working person who genuinely goes to bat for every client, he is the recipient of 25 rewards for his lead gen results, including the Microsoft MVP for Marketing and Advertising and three Google Partners All-Star wins. As we said, you won't find an award-winning team like this anywhere else.

    We don't leave anything on the table. Our Dallas digital marketing agency is meticulous in looking for anything that could be hurting your marketing efforts. We track down and fix sluggish downloads, broken links, low-quality backlinks, and anything that could drive business away from you.



  • We're straight-shooters. We don't give you a bunch of vanity metrics and call it a day. At our digital marketing agency in Dallas, we're upfront with you about what it will take to get to the top of the search engine rankings, and we base this information on careful research and metrics. As we work together, we make sure you get monthly updates with a focus on how much business we're bringing to you so you have an accurate way to measure true ROI and make decisions about your campaigns.

  • We care as much as you do. When you contact us, you're not speaking with a sales rep with a sales quota. You get to talk to our founder and owner — the person with skin in the game and who you will speak to about your results. In addition, we cap our manager's accounts at eight, so our project managers can give your campaigns the attention they deserve. Industry averages can go as high as 30-120 accounts per account manager. We think that's not fair to you or your business's success."

Neon Ambition — Digital Marketing Experts in Dallas

If you're looking for digital marketing in Dallas, you have a choice. You can keep settling for the results you're getting now or start chasing your most audacious ambitions.

If you're ready to start seeing real results and more business, give Jordan Slover, founder and owner of Neon Ambition, 30 minutes. In a call, he can get to know your company, and then he'll do competitive research and follow up with you about the exact marketing strategy that will make your goals a reality.

Ready to learn what Neon Ambition can do for you? Let's talk.

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