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Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago, IL

In Chicago, digital marketing services from Neon Ambition can help you stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.


The Windy City is home of a lot of firsts. Did you know Chicago was the birthplace of the atomic age and American architecture and is also the site of the first open-heart surgery, the first Presidential debate, and the first brownie?


Today, the city on the river that flows backward is home to many top industries, including transport, healthcare, construction, mining, IT, and finance, to name just a few. It's also a very multicultural city, so if you want to be heard here, you need to be able to light up online spaces with your words and content. And you need plenty of ambition to succeed.


That's where Neon Ambition comes in.


Neon Ambition is the Chicago SEO Company with a difference. For one thing, no one else in the industry can claim our level of experience. We're one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., and our team averages 13 years of experience in their field.


Did we mention we're a Google Partner, a HubSpot Gold-Certified agency partner, and a Bing Partner with two Google Partner All-Star wins under our belt? Both UpCity and Clutch have recognized us. UpCity named us a top SEO agency, PPC agency, and digital agency, and Clutch named us one of the top 1,000 agencies globally. That puts us in a group of just 1% of top agencies worldwide.


Our head of Paid Search & Paid Social, Rocco Baldassarre, is a successful entrepreneur and a recipient of over 25 awards for his lead-gen campaigns. He's also a three-time Google Partners All-Star winner and the only recipient of the Microsoft MVP for Marketing and Advertising. Ever.

More than that, our team is hard-working, ambitious, and deeply motivated. Each team member cares deeply about our clients and is always willing to go a little further to get even more stellar results for our clients' marketing campaigns.


But don't take our word for it. If you're looking for an SEO company in Chicago or need digital marketing services to attract more business, contact us for a 30-minute call with our founder and owner. Or read on to learn more about our digital marketing agency in Chicago.

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Meet Your Chicago SEO Experts

You won't find a more experienced Chicago SEO company than Neon Ambition. Our SEO team includes the former Director of SEO at Morgan and Morgan, the largest personal injury firm in Chicago and the country, and their local SEO lead for their 96 offices. We specifically recruited these professionals because they are the best of the best and have experience working in one of the most competitive areas in marketing.


You also won't find a more dedicated SEO company in Chicago. The Neon Ambition team is ruthless in seeking out and eliminating any errors, such as broken links, that could be hurting your traffic. We focus on technical SEO, backlink building, and all current best practices to make sure you get the traffic you deserve.

Your Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago

Neon Ambition is a Chicago digital marketing agency that works with companies in Chicago, around the country, and even internationally. Our goal is the same as yours: to bring in more business for your company. We want you to close more deals, land more customers, or enjoy more sales, which is why we don't focus on vanity metrics.

Here are the services we offer to help you achieve your most ambitious goals:

PPC Management

As a PPC agency in Chicago, Neon Ambition can help manage Google Ads and Bing Ads pay-per-click campaigns that get your message in front of targeted leads at the exact moment they're looking for a company like yours. We can also help you manage your ROI. With PPC, you only pay when leads click on an ad, and we'll help you manage your budget effectively so you get the most bang for your buck.


Right now, Neon Ambition handles about $35M in Google and Bing Ads and over $20M in FB ads monthly. This means we can run your most competitive and complex campaigns with Local Service Ads, Search Ads, display ads, and YouTube ads.


Neon Ambition can get anyone to the top of the local Google Maps pack or the top of organic search engine results. We've done it many times before. Here's the secret: We start by analyzing your efforts — as well as your competitors' efforts — so we can tell you upfront what steps, budget, and timeframe it will take to outrank everyone else.


We also use every strategy at our disposal to help you rank best. We make sure your site is technically sound. We improve your backlink profile. We rewrite any copy that needs a refresh or create new copy to help you rank. The Neon Ambition team also looks for any mistakes, such as slow download speeds or broken links, that could hurt your search engine rankings.


Our copywriters include writing professionals and award-winning writers with SEO, online writing, and industry experience. We even have a JD on staff for legal copywriting. We know how important great content is, and we put in the work to make sure yours rings.


Why? Because your content is a chance to engage with your audience, to educate them about your company and services and products, and to give them a good reason to work with you. Our team matches our writing style to your brand and allows your readers to connect with your message. So whether you want a professional tone, a funny personality, a quirky voice, or any other type of style, we can make it happen.

Our copywriting services include internal revisions by a professional editor with over a decade of experience. And, of course, you'll also get a chance to review your copy before it goes live, so you can be sure your copy reads exactly how you want it to sound.


Branding helps you create a cohesive image that lets your company be instantly recognizable online. Neon Ambition works closely with you to identify what makes you unique and creates a brand and voice to match that image. 

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We then ensure that every element of your digital marketing — from your images to your copy — aligns with your brand so you can build recognition, trust, and ultimately more sales.

Web Design

Neon Ambition has a team of designers, writers, and other professionals who can build you a site that reflects your brand, converts, and helps you rank. So whether you need a brand-new website for a new company or have a website that needs some work because it's outdated or not performing, our services can help.

Neon Locations_CM-2

Neon Ambition builds and updates websites with an eye to conversion and user experience. That means we keep technical SEO and speed in mind as we build. We also make sure that when visitors come to your site, they're presented with clear organization, exciting content, and a reflection of your brand. We give visitors something specific to do, such as contact you, so every website visit counts.

Let's talk about how we can customize the right digital marketing campaign for your business.

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Neon Ambition creates billboards that act as a fast snapshot of information that makes your business compelling to customers. We combine sharp copy and graphics to get the attention of potential customers and clients while we build brand recognition.


There are many spots in Chicago for attractive billboards, and Neon Ambition works to help you make the most of this medium.

TV Ads

Connected TV or Over-The-Top (CTV/OTT) TV ads give you a lot more control than traditional TV ads in Austin, providing better ROI. CTV/OTT ads give you more options to time ad placement strategically, so your audience is primed to be receptive to your message.


Neon Ambition offers the future of TV ads with Connected TV or Over-The-Top (CTV/OTT) advertising. While traditional commercials allow you to place your commercial in a specific show, CTV/OTT advertising lets you time your ads more precisely based on viewer interest, demographics, and habits. Neon Ambition helps you deliver the right message to your target audience at exactly the right time.

CTV/OTT advertising also gives you more data about how your ad is performing and lets you customize your message, placement, and timing with high precision so you enjoy better ROI. From helping you choose the right message to creating and placing your ads, Neon Ambition can coordinate your entire CTV/OTT ad campaign.

Content Marketing

Neon Ambition content marketing services in Chicago start by researching your customer's needs and buyer journey. This allows us to choose the right tone and content. We can create educational, inspiring, story-driven, professional, persuasive, and emotionally engaging content.

Neon Locations_CM_V2

If it has words on it, we can use storytelling, voice, and even our sense of humor to convey the message you’re trying to send. Not sure what writing style and tone of voice is best? No problem. Our expert copywriters and marketers can examine your brand to find your uniqueness, research your prospective customers, and analyze your competition to find the best voice to represent your company. Our words reach people, making sure you can connect with your target audience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Neon Ambition not only drives more traffic to your site, but we make the most of every visitor. We make sure that the right traffic is coming to your website, and once they're there, we make sure they like what they see and have a definite next action to take, whether that's signing up for your service, buying from you, or contacting your company.


We convert passive visitors into active customers by carefully blending brand-boosting design and the right messaging on your site. In addition, we run A/B testing to ensure your trust symbols and calls to action are where they should be and make tweaks as needed to improve your site's performance even more.

Social Media

Neon Ambition saves you time by managing your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms for you. We can use social media to reach local Chicago leads or potential customers nationwide as we build trust and brand recognition for you.


Our team stays updated about algorithm changes, new features, and platform updates so we can always advise you about the best ways to use each platform and recommend which platforms are best for your specific business.

Our (Sort of) Bonus Service: Transparent Reporting

Ok, it's not really a separate service, but this is important: When you work with Neon Ambition on any kind of digital marketing, 24/7/365 transparent reporting is included.

Here's how it works: Every month, we pull data directly from the source via API and generate a report for you, outlining what we've done for your business, what content we've created, the backlinks we've acquired, and how much business we've driven for you. No vanity metrics. Just data you can use for your decision-making in plain, clear English.

You deserve transparency so you can make the right choices to maximize your ROI, and at Neon Ambition, that's exactly what you get. The data also lets us communicate effectively about any changes you might want made to your campaigns. It keeps us on the same page.

Neon Ambition: Your Digital Marketing Experts in Chicago

If you need digital marketing in Chicago, Neon Ambition is your agency. Our whole focus is on getting you more business to grow your company. We understand that's the real goal and the reason you're looking for a digital marketing agency in Chicago in the first place.

If you're ready for measurable results for your Chicago company, reach out to us. We promise you won't be speaking with a sales rep with a sales quota. You'll have a conversation with our founder and owner, Jordan Slover. Jordan has real stakes in the game and is willing to give you thirty minutes of his time so you can develop an action plan as to how you can reach your most audacious business goals.

The Neon Ambition team will also run an initial analysis, competitor comparisons, and an audit of some of your current efforts, so we can create a custom strategy to (finally!) get you the marketing results your business deserves.


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