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Digital Marketing Agency in New York, NY

At Neon Ambition, a comprehensive digital marketing agency in New York, we collaborate with you to enhance your business's success by driving increased traffic and generating more leads.


Ah, New York City. We know it’s the best city in the country. Probably even the world.

We love working with companies here and get a thrill out of driving results in one of the most competitive markets on the planet. No matter your industry, we'll help your name shine brighter than the light show at Saks 5th Ave. on Christmas.

Not only do we love working with New York companies, we love living there, too. Five of our team members -- including our founder, Jordan Slover -- live within driving distance of the city. 

So if you're looking for a New York digital marketing agency with a national focus that has boots on the ground, our experienced, award-winning team is what you've been searching for.

There's no question about it; New York requires big ambition to succeed. The good news is, we've got that in spades. We're a two-time Google Partner All-Star winner and Google Partner, as well as a Bing Partner and HubSpot Gold Certified agency partner. UpCity has named our team a top SEO, PPC, and digital agency. Clutch has recognized us as one of the top 1,000 agencies in the world. Only about 1% of agencies globally can say the same.

Find out more by reading on or reaching out to us for a 30-minute call with our founder and owner to review what our marketing services can do for you.

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Your New York SEO Experts

If you're looking for a digital marketing agency in New York with SEO expertise, you won't find a team with more experience than Neon Ambition.

Neon Ambition hired the former Director of SEO at Morgan and Morgan, the largest personal injury firm in the country. We also hired Morgan and Morgan's former head of local SEO for their 96 offices.

Our head of Paid Search & Paid Social is a three-time Google Partners All-Star winner, which accounts for only a few of the 25 awards he's won. He's the only person to have won the Microsoft MVP for Marketing and Advertising. His tireless dedication to his team and our clients sets him apart even more. He's an extremely kind person who is always willing to go above and beyond to make our clients happy.

In fact, that is one thing that sets our New York SEO company apart. Our team, with one of the lowest manager-to-account ratios in the industry, has the time and space to spend more time on your marketing. And we genuinely care and are willing to work harder for our clients.

We can do all this because it's difficult, if not impossible, for any other Houston agency to beat our expertise. We're a Google Partner, two-time Google Partner All-Star winner, Bing Partner, and HubSpot Gold-Certified agency partner. Clutch has recognized us as one of the top 1,000 agencies globally, which means we beat out 99% of other agencies worldwide. UpCity has also recognized us as a leading SEO, PPC, and digital agency.

Before working at Neon Ambition, our head of SEO was the Director of SEO at Morgan and Morgan, the country's largest personal injury law firm. Additionally, one of our team members managed SEO for Morgan and Morgan's 96 offices. 

We hired these SEO professionals specifically because they were key to helping a company thrive in one of the most competitive spaces. If they can do that, they can turn your SEO efforts around.

Most of our team averages 13 years of experience, but we'd love to brag a bit about our Paid Search & Paid Social, Rocco Baldassarre. He really is one of the best in the world, winning over 25 awards for his lead-gen campaign results. He is the only Microsoft MVP for Marketing and Advertising recipient and is a three-time Google Partners All-Star winner. 

One other thing that sets our SEO company in New York apart is our willingness to be meticulous. Tiny things can affect your SEO in a competitive market like New York. If your page loads slightly slowly or has broken links, that may be all it takes to drive your leads to the competition. And if your copy isn't sparkling, chances are you're losing out on business that should rightfully be yours. 

Having this ambition means we're hungrier. We're willing to spend the extra hours and days hunting down and eliminating anything that could cost you leads, traffic, and business. The result? A growing business and better ROI for you.


Digital Marketing Agency in New York

Neon Ambition is a digital marketing agency in New York offering many services that can help your business land more customers, sales, or closed deals. There's a reason we're the fastest-growing private agency in the country. Companies turn to our New York digital marketing agency when they need:

PPC Agency

When prospective leads are looking for services or products like yours in New York City, Google Ads, and Bing Ads, pay-per-click campaigns can make sure your company gets noticed. You also only pay when someone clicks on your ads, so you control your budget.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 4.35.47 PM

Neon Ambition is a premiere PPC agency in New York, and we have had a lot of success creating great ROI for clients. Currently, we have about $20M in FB ads, and $35M in Google Ads/Bing managed monthly. Companies trust us with their PPC management because we get them results with Search Ads, Local Service Ads, display ads, and YouTube ads. Our accounts also reflect that we can handle complex campaigns, too.

SEO Company in New York

Neon Ambition is a New York SEO company that can get you to the top of organic search engine rankings and the local Google Map pack. We do this by carefully evaluating your competitors' strategies to understand what we need to do to outrank them. 

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 4.17.54 PM

We then lean on our SEO experts and copywriters to create great copy, take care of your backlink profile, tackle technical SEO, and more. We can improve your rankings nationally and locally so you get NYC and national traffic to your company website.

We can do this because your account will get a lot of personalized attention. Our SEO company in New York has one of the lowest account-to-SEO ratios in New York and nationally, so your account manager has time to pay attention to your campaign and answer your questions.

Copywriting Skills

Neon Ambition has copywriters with years of experience, including industry experience. For example, we have a JD on staff for legal copywriting clients. We also have award-winning copywriters across many industries, so we can project the image your company wants to communicate.


Before your copy goes live, it is revised by a professional editor and gets your approval. This way, only copy fully representing you and your brand makes it online.

Branding Experts in New York

A consistent and unique brand lets prospective customers know what makes your company unique and why they should buy from you or work with you. Neon Ambition can help you identify what makes you stand out in a way that appeals to your prospective customers. Then, we ensure your branding is aligned across all your platforms and online sites.

Neon Locations_Branding_V3In New York, residents are bombarded by some of the world's most sophisticated marketing and advertising. Neon Ambition understands that a more nuanced or attention-grabbing approach can make your brand stand out in a city of over eight million people. Even in this hyper-competitive market, we know how to create brands that find your best customers.

Efficient Web Design

Neon Ambition creates websites that rank, convert, and build your brand. We keep conversion rates and SEO in mind to make sure your website gets results.

Neon Locations_CM-2We can build simple landing pages or large, complex websites. If you have an underperforming website, we can update it so it starts driving traffic to your business. Our technically sound websites give visitors a clear call to action and a convincing reason to work with your business.

Eye-Catching Billboards

We make your brand more visible with billboards that include attention-getting graphics, text, and contact information. We can also tweak your billboards to ensure you're getting the best ROI.



Impactful TV Ads

In New York, residents can access some of the best entertainment in the world. With so much competition, your message not only needs to be compelling, but it needs to be delivered at the right time to the right audience. This is where Connected TV or Over-The-Top TV (CTV/OTT) ads come in.


Neon Ambition can create engaging CTV/OTT TV ads that get delivered in precisely timed ways to an audience based on their viewing habits, interests, and demographics. This ensures your viewers are receptive to what they're seeing and more likely to want to contact your business.

Content Marketing

Credibility-boosting content builds authority and gives prospective audiences a reason to contact you. Great content from Neon Ambition can be story-driven, appealing to potential customers' emotions, or it can be educational, giving your customers the information they need to work with you. It can even be both!

Neon Locations_CM_V2

Neon Ambition can research your ideal audience to help you understand what types of content could yield the best results. Our copywriters, designers, and editors can create blog posts, landing pages, websites, white papers, eBooks, and other content that builds on your brand and encourages customers to buy from you.

Let's talk about how we can customize the right digital marketing campaign for your business.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Many businesses want digital marketing in New York because they want more traffic. But what happens when you get more traffic to your website? Unless your website is optimized for conversion, the answer is "nothing much."

The goal isn't to get more traffic. The goal is to get more customers and business. And Neon Ambition understands that. We make sure that when visitors come to your website, we have something for them to do, and we encourage them during every step of the buyer's journey.


We use engaging copy, intuitive design, strong calls to action, and A/B testing to create a website that not only attracts your most promising leads but also encourages those leads to become paying customers.

Social Media Management

Neon Ambition stays up to date with the latest features and trends on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms so we can advise you about which platforms are best for your business and how you can reach your best potential customers on these platforms.


We can create engaging content your customers want to like, share, and act on, including images, videos, and written posts. We can also manage all social media elements for you, including idea generation, posting, and engaging with your customers. This way, you get the big benefit of social media (more business!) without spending all day scrolling, commenting, and updating.

24/7/365 Reporting

Ok, this one's not a separate service. Still, it's important to point out. When you work with Neon Ambition, we send you a transparent report each month outlining all our work, including the content we've produced, the backlinks we've acquired, and the business we've been able to find for your company. We pull data directly from the source via API, so you get accurate information you can use to drive your decision-making.

Neon Ambition: The Digital Marketing Experts in New York

You may not know it, but you're at a crossroads with your marketing strategy. If you're reading these words, it's likely because you're starting a new business and need to develop a marketing system from the ground up, or you may already have a marketing strategy that's just not driving business the way it should.

We understand.

At Neon Ambition, we know that starting or changing your marketing campaign can feel like running the New York City Marathon. Change can feel overwhelming, especially if you've gotten less-than-stellar results before.

That's why we have a slightly different proposition for you. Instead of wondering what you could do, we invite you to speak with our founder and owner, Jordan Slover. No pressure. No sales tactics from a rep with a quota to meet. Jordan can set aside thirty minutes of his day to carefully go over your goals and discuss how you can reach your most ambitious goals for business success.

In addition to our call, we also offer the following, all at no charge:

  • An analysis of your website, with a focus on conversion opportunities
  • Initial keyword research
  • A comparative SEO analysis of your competitors and your site
  • An audit of your existing PPC campaigns
  • An audit of your intake process

We think it's only fair that if you're considering partnering with us, we put in some good-faith effort upfront so we can tell you exactly what we can do and what steps are needed if you want to chase your most audacious goals.

People from all over the world come here with dreams of making it big. If you have a business and have those same dreams, we want to help.

Reach out to us, and let's start talking about a real-world strategy that will turn those dreams into reality for you.


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