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Consumers Actually Do Click On Mobile PPC Ads When They Perform a Search

Use mobile advertising to reach your potential customers when they are searching on the go.


Since 2015, the number of searches on mobile phones has outpaced those on desktops. Recent research estimates nearly 60% of searches are now from mobile devices. All you have to do to realize the importance of mobile advertising is look around you when in public and notice the amount of people with phone in hand, likely head down, staring at it.

How often have you started a search on your computer and then continued your research on your phone or tablet? Research shows 90% of people move between devices as they work to accomplish a goal. Whether you are focused on online conversions or driving offline sales, mobile-focused PPC ad campaigns help you connect with customers on the move.

Pay-per-click campaigns set to show on mobile devices help you tap into the 61% of smartphone users who perform searches on their phone every day. A recent study by Google also shows that even if your site is ranking well organically due to your SEO efforts, 88% of clicks on mobile ads are incremental to your organic clicks. Based on our exhaustive research into how your customers search, we’ll help you understand how to effectively incorporate mobile ads into your campaign.



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Be Seen During Mobile Moments

Ad types are automatically reformatted to display best on mobile.

Search ads.

These ads appear next to search results when users are searching for your service or products on their phone.

Video ads.

More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices. Video ads are an increasingly effective way to connect with your audience.

Display ads.

Using images or rich media, banner ads let you showcase your brand in a creative and interactive way across over two million sites.

Mobile app ads.

Promote your app by running mobile ads across the entire Google network with Universal App Campaigns.