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Retargeting Marketing Company

While we don’t recommend following people around in real life, online it can help us convert previous visitors into customers.retargeting2.png

Retargeting ads, also known as remarketing ads, are a great way to re-engage with people who have been to your website but did not take the action you desired. Every site has a conversion goal, and some have several. If you are an ecommerce site, you want a visitor to buy from you. If you’re a service provider, you want visitors to fill in their details on a form so you can contact them.

Whatever your conversion goal, if a visitor does not take this action on their initial visit, you can use remarketing to follow them around the internet with your display/graphic-based ads as they browse other sites or social media. We offer cross-channel remarketing and retargeting for Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Retargeting works particularly well for companies with longer buying cycles. Imagine searching for a new home or home builder: The average person can take up to six months to decide which neighborhood or builder is right before deciding to make initial contact. Even if your company has a short sales cycle, people may be distracted or pulled away from their device before they have a chance to take action. By keeping your brand in front of this past visitor for days, weeks or months after they’ve left your site, you are able to get your message in front of them again and again and eventually drive them back to your site. These visitors often then convert at a higher rate.


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Cross-Channel Retargeting

People can be indecisive, forgetful and easily distracted. We can keep your brand front-of-mind for days or months after a visitor’s initial visit.

Great for branding.

Seeing your ad on premium websites helps your brand appear larger.


No matter how visitors first come to your site, we can reach them on multiple platforms to ensure your brand is everywhere they go online.

Increase conversions.

We nurture visitors who show greater intent until they come back to convert.

Get creative.

Our designer can show off your brand/product or service in a visual way that text ads cannot.